Everything You Need to Know About Patio Furniture Cushions

Owing to their decorative value, patio furniture cushions have become a very popular home accessory. A wide range of options are available in these cushions which often overwhelm the buyers. Those who wish to flaunt the beauty of their outdoor furniture but are confused at the choices of sizes and shapes of these cushions available before them should read this complete overview of patio cushion covers.

Different Options Available in Patio Furniture Cushions

There are a plethora of options to choose from in patio cushions. Cushions can be found for benches, for wooden chairs, for cast iron, aluminum, for PVC and also for the finest quality imported furniture.

Most of the manufacturers make special cushions and pads for swings, seat pads, d-shaped pads, slab seat cushions and much more. Buyers can get customized designs in these cushions as well. Lumbar cushions and throw pillows are perfect for adorning the beauty of your lawn furniture.

Manufacturers of these cushions either use foam or fiber filling and they come in every color imaginable. Simply adding new or different patio furniture cushions can give a whole new look and life to your outdoor chairs.

Caring for Patio Cushions

These cushions are not water-proof and hence buyers need to take a great care of them. Although the fabric covering of the cushions is water-resistant, a long exposure to rain water can ruin the cushions as water is likely to permeate through these cushions. When cushions get wet from rain, snow melt, sprinklers, or even from the kids, it is important that they be air-dried as soon as possible to prevent rot, mildew, or other problems.

furniture cushions

The fabric of the cushions should be cleaned on a regular basis with a mild detergent and warm water. If the cushions get stained, they should be cleaned by using a solution of bleach or diluted dish soap. The solution should be applied only on the stained area. Once the solution is absorbed it should be rinsed properly.

There are cleaning products available in the market that can protect the fabric covering of the cushions and prevent them from fading, soiling and stains. By using these products, damage due to the moisture can also be prevented. Many of these cleaning products can be sprayed on and

then allowed to dry.. Also, if you do not plan to use your furniture for a time, special patio furniture covers can help to keep things clean and dry.

These cushions are made up of quality materials but an utmost care has to be taken to maintain the fabric covering of these cushions because coverings are more vulnerable to dirt, stains and harsh weather. If you will take a proper care of your furniture cushions, they can last for and look nice for many years.

Recovering Patio Cushions

The best thing about these cushions is that they are not hard to recover and it is possible to give a facelift to your order furniture from time to time without incurring much cost on it.

Once you have made up your mind to recover them, you have to ensure that the underlying paddling is good enough. When you remove the covers you would be able to see whether the paddling is in good condition or not. If it is not, then the padding should be replaced, also.

When measuring for new coverings, be sure to allow space for seams, zippers, etc.

When purchasing new fabric for you coverings, be sure that it is an outdoor rated fabric that will stand up to the sun, moisture, and harsh conditions of your outdoor patio location.

patio chair with pink cushionsShopping for Replacement Cushions

There are so many beautiful designs available which often confuse the buyers and they often end up in making the wrong choice. It is therefore advisable to do some research prior to buying and take expert advice which will help in making the right choice. Doing the proper research will help the you in selecting the right options which will not fade and stand up to the rigors of an outdoor setting.

Buying the right kind of patio furniture cushions will be an easy task if you will shop around and ascertain the options and then make an educated decision. The cushions that you buy will enhance the decorative value of your home and will add long lasting beauty and comfort to your outdoor patio furniture.