Giving a New Look with Patio Chair Cushions

Replacing the cushions on your patio furniture can be a easy and economical way to give your deck or patio an exciting new look or to add new life to tired or older patio furniture.

New patio chair cushions can add color and pizazz to spice up the atmosphere of any patio. Bright patterns can change a dull or dark location into a more inviting area to sit and relax in while busy areas can be toned down with the more subtle colors. Sometimes a seasonal approach can vary the theme of your deck from month to month by rotating through spring, summer, and fall colors for your outdoor furniture.

How about making that eyesore old lounger that you just can’t part with. There is nothing like a colorful new set of cushions to give it a makeover and get it through another season. With a new set of bright padding, nobody will even notice its age.

Replacing Patio Chair Cushions

ocking chair with added cushionsCushions are extremely easy to replace. Most of them attach very easily with ties, if they are attached at all, to the patio furniture. The only hard part is measuring for the new ones. Be sure that all measurements are from edge to edge and not seam to seam. In other words, measure the flat surface of the cushion and not around the edge to the middle. Sometimes it is easier and more accurate to remove them from the furniture and lay them out flat on the floor before measuring.

Measuring for Lounge Chair Cushions

  1. First, determine if  your lounger has a separate backrest cushion and seat/leg section, or if it is a single cushion for the whole chair. If your cushion is a two-part cushion, be sure to measure it accordingly
  2. Measure the length of each cushion
  3. Measure the width of the cushion

Be sure to make notes of all measurements. Sometimes it is good to draw a sketch of the cushion and add the measurements to the sketch.

 Measuring Patio Chair and Bench Cushions

  1. Measure the length of the seat cushion
  2. Measure the width of the seat cushion
  3. Measure the back cushion from top to bottom
  4. Measure the width of the back cushion from side to side
  5. Make note of the thickness of the cushions as there are options for thicker or thinner cushions

Be aware that old cushions will squish down with age and use and as they get flattened they will get wider and thinner. Try to measure a part of the cushion that still resembles the original size and thickness or your new patio furniture cushions will be too big. Don’t forget to write down the measurements on your sketch.

Buying New Outdoor Cushions

red and brown cushions

click picture to see cushions at

Patio furniture cushions come in a great variety of different materials. Always look for materials that will hold up to sun and moisture without becoming damaged, stained, faded or cracked.

Areas that are subject to sun all day long need different seat coverings than patios that are covered or shaded. Plastic or vinyl coverings can get extremely hot in direct sun and can cause burns. These areas may be better served with furniture cushions with a cloth covering. Areas that get lots of moisture may be better served with a plastic or vinyl type material due to its more waterproof nature.

There are lots of styles and choices available in patio furniture cushions. Use your imagination and shop around. It may be that your patio furniture or deck area could get new life from a new set of cushions.



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