Using Patio Chair Covers to Prolong the Life of Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it, your outdoor patio furniture and grill can take a beating from the elements. Sun and moisture are the worst things that your patio furniture can face when it comes to shortening their life. A good set of patio chair covers can add years to the life of your outdoor furniture by shielding and protecting your expensive investment from these damaging elements during times when they are not in use.

Choosing the Right Patio Chair Cover

Patio chair covers come in a variety of different materials, colors, and qualities. Some of the things to consider when choosing outdoor furniture covers are:

  • Breathability.  One big problems with furniture covers is that they can trap moisture and humidity inside with the furniture. Moisture trapped inside leads to mildew and rot. Be sure that the cover that you choose addresses this either by being a breathable fabric or by having vents or mesh strategically placed so that air can circulate inside to remove the humidity inside.
  • Attachment.  Choose a cover that has a good method of attachment to prevent it from falling or blowing off. This can be done by using ties, drawstrings, elastic edging, Velcro ties, buckles, or other methods.
  • UV Resistant.  The cover that you choose needs to be resistant to the damage that the sun can do to it. UV resistance keeps your cover from fading and cracking as it ages and spends time in direct sunlight. Furniture covers that aren’t UV resistant won’t last as long and won’t protect your expensive lawn furniture as well.
  • Weight and thickness. Don’t choose a cover that is so thick and heavy that it can’t be handled easily. Also, thick and heavy covers may be difficult to get dried out from rain, snow, or other moisture. Lighter covers are easier to fit and to handle.

Measuring for Outdoor Furniture Coverspatio chair with cover

Most covers can be purchased in pre-made sizes or in custom made sizes. When measuring, you need to know what your furniture piece is, ie… chair, table, lounger, grill, etc. Measure the height from the ground to the highest part of the chair back. Measure the width from side to side. Measure the depth from front to back. Make a sketch if necessary and write the measurements on it.

Be sure to allow a little extra room to make it easier to put on and take off the covers. A cover that fits too tight will be difficult to work with. Bigger is better when it comes to patio and pool furniture covers. Also, the cover should not reach all the way to the ground as this will interfere with the air flow and circulation.

Caring for a Furniture Cover

One of the purposes of covering your patio furniture is to help keep it clean. This means that the cover is collecting the dirt, dust, and grime instead of it being deposited on your furniture. Your cover should be hosed off periodically to help to keep it clean. A deeper cleaning may be done using diluted dish soap and water with a sponge or soft bristled brush.

wood chair with snow

The elements can be hard on outdoor furniture without covers.

Many covers are now considered to be clothes washer safe but be aware that repeatedly washing them in a washer can shorten their life. Be sure that they are allowed to dry thoroughly before storing them or replacing them on your furniture.

Whether your patio furniture is wood, metal, resin, or something else, patio furniture covers can add years of life and keep your furniture pieces looking great way longer than it otherwise would. Adding covers to your patio, lawn, or pool furniture is an easy and cheap way to make your investment last longer.